A Guy’s Prom Style Guide

Ah Prom – that unforgettable, coming-of-age, once in a lifetime experience that epitomizes adolescence.

Although much of the hype surrounding prom goes to the girl’s dress, what the guy wears is equally as important.

To start, every guy needs to wear a tuxedo. From a tuxedo nyc to a tuxedo on the coast of California; this is the basis of every male’s prom attire. After that, give your look a little edge with these helpful style tricks.

Keep it you

People might think prom season is all about the girl, but when it comes to your tux; keep it all about you. Make sure your tux speaks to who you are; if you want to add a hat, add a hat. Crazy socks? Go for it.

Match your date

That being said, make sure you at least coordinate with your date. Part of going as a couple is matching your attire. This typically just means the same color bow tie and/or vest, so that you can still give your attire your own, unique design.

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Be trendy

Even for a guy, the latest trends do matter. Certain patterns, jacket styles, and combinations of styles are always trending. For your best look yet, know which ones work well for you and flaunt it.

Remember the details

Don’t think that girls are the only ones who are able to accessorize for prom. Guys can show off their stylish side through funky shoes, unique bow ties, jewelry, even crazy socks. These little details will make your prom experience and outfit that much more enjoyable to remember.

A tuxedo might be the first thing you need when going to prom, but even for guys it isn’t the only thing. Tuxedos might be standard, but that doesn’t mean your style has to be.