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The living room is the main room that most of us will socialize in.  The typical room size is large enough to accommodate a large grouping of people, we will have couches and chairs in that room as well as visual components such as a fireplace or television.  For those looking for some design ideas to make your room look outstanding here are some ideas you can take to heart.


decorative fire screen

Lighting will be the key to your room’s ambiance.  With different lighting options you can have the room setup with a romantic vibe or a horror vibe.  Look into different lighting fixtures, bulbs and more.  When we play with lighting, we can fix a lot of issues.


The fireplace is a central component to the living room.  It is where we hang stockings for Christmas, sit around playing games or just chilling out after a long day’s work to watch television.  One visual element you can add to a fireplace is a decorative fire screen.  This screen will allow you to help maintain your fire and can add an attractive look to the room when not in use.


Throw pillows are great for adding a splash of color to the room.  Typically, our furniture will be all one solid color. It will be cloth or leather and be a prominent part of the room that needs something more.  When adding these pillows, we have the ability to change up the look and style of the room.  Also, when people sit on the furniture, they can enjoy everything that you have done to make it pop.

Glass tables and accessories

To finish off your living room consider adding some glass tables as well as little nick knacks.  These tables will give the room a completed look and the nick knacks will help personalize the room for you and others.